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A collection of unique photographic missions in partnership with PhaseOne camera technology, set across all 5 continents around the globe. Intrepid destinations, world leading camera technology and famed guides to help capture the best of our planet.

About us

Mission05 is the official trip provider for PhaseOne camera technology. In a unique series of inspirational photographic expeditions, we merge together the world-class photo and video production team at weareMerci in partnership with industry leading PhaseOne. For us, our existing clients engage within the hospitality and travel sector and we have a wealth of experience taking our fashion clients to far flung corners of the world on shoot productions. Joined by a bespoke travel & lifestyle team, we thrive at delivering a high end experience in the process. Using our industry connections across the photography and travel sectors, we are able to unlock a series of unique interactions and experiences, that are usually inaccessible.

Our Mission

Bespoke itineraries curated from ultimate photographic and travel adventurists, we enable our discerning clients to perfect the art of travel photography. From aerial photographic expeditions out of a helicopter, navigating the northern lights around the fjords of Lofoten, or braving the deep dark depths of our underwater world, Mission 05 will take you on an educational journey across all 05 continents, and beyond.  Delivering over 30 years of high level knowledge and expertise across the photography and movie industries, our Mission moves production reality into a five star bespoke expedition. Expect some surprises along the way…

Our Missions

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Our Technology

The latest Phase One Medium format cameras

Waiting for you upon arrival is a case full of the latest Phase One technologies. With a combined value of over £50,000, the latest camera technology is yours for the duration of the photographic expedition.

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Cool Destinations

Our destinations have been chosen by our production team to deliver the mix of luxury accommodation and back country adventure.


Incredible Journey

A journey is designed to take you from beginning to end with an experience in between, this is how our trips are designed to give you a fulfilling journey.


Adventure Time

We promise to take you on an adventure to experience something for the first time and confidently take you from your comfort zone.


Traveling Together

Your chance to mix with industry professionals and others with a similar interest. We will move as a team and only when in helicopters split down into smaller teams.


Fast Booking

Your booking will be secured with the use of Transferwise money transfers which we use to work with our global suppliers.


Away We Go Today

Get you name down on the list for the next departure, these experiences are not run frequently so are in high demand.

Surrounded by pros!

All inclusive!

Fully equipped

Meet the team


Pete Webb

Founder of Mission05 is awe-inspiring photographer, intrepid traveler and marketer of 30 years, PETE WEBB. Named one of Europe’s leading lifestyle & adventure artists, Pete‘s style originated from extreme sports, surf and mountain, and now expands across a variety of sectors. Boasting some of the most prestigious clients through Wearemerci, Pete holds an innate ability to tell a story through his images, capturing the perfect shot in challenging environments. Through Mission05, he now creates the opportunity to educate and explore the world through the lens.

Team – steve watkins

Steve Watkins

The key-holder to the  unimaginable limits clients experience on their Mission05 adventures, Steve boasts over 20 years as an adventurer, professional photographer, editor and author, including three international bestsellers. Highly regarded in his field, Steve’s industry knowledge is showcased across all media platforms, leading him to become one of the best spokespersons, educators and judges in the photographic field. Steve shall be leading our missions for the ultimate next generation photography experiences.

Team – rebecca puttock

Rebecca Puttock

Head of our travel and VIP services, meet REBECCA PUTTOCK – with a world of experience in the travel and concierge sectors, Rebecca boasts 13 years as a luxury travel planner to the top 1% wealthiest in the world, celebrities and royalty, and has visited over 65 countries across 05 continents. Specialising in superyacht, private jet and bespoke tailor-made, she designs, curates and manages every bespoke itinerary from scratch to ensure Mission05’s experiences are not only educational, but life-changing for our clients.


Not Quite Perfect? Get in touch and we will bespokely design a photographic expedition that is!