DIY Photographic Adventure

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If any of our online expeditions don’t quite work for you, don’t panic.  We can edit, adjust or simply start from the beginning to design the perfect photographic adventure, just for you.

Across 5 continents and beyond our travel and photography team around the globe are able to open the doors of possibility. Whether you are a solo traveller, a family or group of friends, we can delve deep into our imaginations to bring to life a one-off bespoke photographic holiday just for you.


Africa’s savannah to sea

Soar to the skies in a number of opportunities to perfect your aerial photography from above. Whether it be flying high over the Himalayas, the Amazonian jungle or the white desert of Antarctica, we have you covered. Just pick a destination and we will design the rest.

Underwater world of timor leste

Fancy an underwater photography lesson? With access to some of the rarest permits around the world, the seas are there to explore with your camera in tow. PhaseOne waterproof housing is included on our ocean expeditions, so you really can be prepared.

Morocco through the lens

If having two feet firmly on terra firma appeals but you aren’t quite sure where, what, or how, we can help! With over 70 countries of land to cover, get in touch so we can help you hone in on the perfect itinerary for you. Whether it be low light photography practice, portrait, wildlife or natural landscapes… your options are limitless.

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    DIY Photographic Adventure

Not Quite Perfect? Get in touch and we will bespokely design a photographic expedition that is!