Morocco Through The Lens

£5995 per person

Morocco Through The Lens takes you on an ultimate Moroccan photographic expedition. With world renowned Dr Raj Joshi and Mission05 photographic specialists, capture the true essence of Africa in style. The versatile Morocco beams as a photographers playground, because of its richness in colour, culture, landscape and character. Around every corner you will have something new to capture, making this the ideal location to develop your camera skills. With the guidance of a Mission05 production expert and famed expedition leader Dr Raj Joshi, you truly have the best chance to perfect your shot and brush up on your technical skills.

The Ultimate Experience

Over the course of the 7 days, your senses will be awakened right from the start. Leading you through the stunning African valleys, glistening lakes and deep set gorges of the Moroccan countryside, you will be guided across some of the continents most diverse terrain. You will feel inspired as you look up to the star-filled skies of the Sahara Desert, and all the way down to the unique culture and architecture of some of Morocco’s main cities. This blend of contrast will enable self-development as well as self-discovery, with your very own training team by your side.

Above all else, expect a combination of upmost luxury alongside alternative and local environments as this is your chance to see the real Morocco in style.

7 Nights / 8 Days
16+ Age
  • Departure
    Rabat, Morocco
  • Departure Time
    Year Around
  • Included
    Morocco Through The Lens
Day One - Moroccan Arrival


Arrival into Rabat City

Beautiful Countryside Drive to Fes

Luxury Hotel Stay in 5* Style

Receive Phase One Camera Gear

Safety Briefing & Kit Preparation

Meet & Greet with Expert Guides


Arrive on a Saturday from your British Airways flight from UK to the city of Rabat. From here you will be transferred through the naturally beautiful Moroccan countryside to Fes where you will check into a luxury hotel and have the opportunity to relax post-flight and meet our expert photographer and travel team who will ensure you get the most out of the week ahead.

Day Two - Tanneries, Tastebuds & Tripods


Explore a Local Tannery, Chouwara

Photography Workshop Across the Energetic Medina of Fes

Mouth Watering Lunch over Moroccan Cuisine

Sunset Photography Workshop over North Fort


After breakfast we will make our way to the tanneries Chouwara; one of the most striking sights in the Medina. With the warm morning sun rising upon the huge array of colourful dyes in honeycomb vats, this is a perfect place to start to develop your photography skills. We will then make our way through the Medina streets, a maze of vibrant alleys and stalls, where you can buy a whole range of local leathers, pottery and foods. Our trusted guide will ensure we experience the highlights of this Medina. After experiencing the best of the Moroccan cuisine for lunch, we’ll head to the North Fort, one of two forts that were originally built to guard the old city, for a lesson in sunset photography over the city.

Day Three - Agricultural Landscapes & Barbary Apes


Visit the Ancient City of Errachidia

Explore Moroccan Diversity across Moon-like Landscapes

Photographic Tutorials & Practical Application

Limestone Crater Lakes near Ifrane

Wildlife Photographic Focus on Barbary Apes & Birdlife

An Evening of Download & Debrief


Today we make our way from Fes to the ancient Moroccan city of Errachidia. On the way we’ll pass through the diverse Moroccan countryside that is a unique mixture of old villages and mosques, agricultural land, moon-like landscapes and barren scrub. This journey between cities will be very flexible in terms of where we stop on the way to practice our photography skills. There will also be the opportunity to stop off at the limestone crater lakes near the mountain resort of Ifrane. These stunning lakes are a haven for wildlife, especially birds such as herons and reed warblers. We will also be able to explore areas of the Cedar forests near to the lakes, where we will have a good chance of spotting the native Barbary apes. Once we arrive in Errachidia, we’ll check in a local hotel and relax after the journey.

Day Four - Entry to the Sahara Desert


Witness the Dramatic Scenery of Gorge du Zizi

Traditional Lunch at the Entrance of the Sahara, Merzouga Village

Photographic Shaping of the Rich Sahara Desert

Night Photography Workshop Under a Star-filled Sky


Today we’ll leave Errachidia to make our way to Merzouga, a small village close to the Sahara Desert. En route we will stop off at the Gorge du Ziz, a gorge is defined by artificial gates at both the northern and southern ends and boasts dramatic scenery carved by the power of the Ziz River. We’ll arrive at Merzouga at midday where we will have lunch before exploring the area. As the midday sun begins to fall it defines the shapes of the breath-taking dunes of the Sahara desert; these snake-like dunes stretch across the desert for miles. An evening in the desert gives us the perfect opportunity to photograph a perfect star filled sky.

Day Five - Doorways & Kasbahs


Sunrise Snaps over the Saharan Dunes

Outstanding Beauty at Dades Gorge with Dramatic Landscapes

Visit the Kasbah Amerhidi Architecture for a Unique Photographic Opportunity

Arrive into Ouarzazate (The Door of the Desert) for your Overnight Stay


Today we’ll wake up early to watch the sunrise bathe the dunes with its warm rays. We’ll then make our way to the town of Ouarzazate, also nicknamed ‘the door of the desert’. En route we’ll stop at the Dades Gorge, another landscape offering beautiful scenery. Berbers (the local people) built many kasbahs surrounding the gorge for defence purposes. These kasbahs combined with the beauty of the environment make it a truly unique experience. We have the option of visiting the Kasbah Amerhidi, whose unparalleled architecture holds another unique photo opportunity. Once we arrive in Ouarzazate we’ll check into a hotel where we can relax before dinner.

Day Six - Mountains & Marrakech


UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Ait-Benhaddou

Photograph Ancient Kasbah Ruins of El Glaoui in Telouet

Explore the Vibrant Medina of Marrakech

Luxury Hotel Stay in this Eclectic City


The journey to Marrakech is scattered with some great detours that offer further distinctive photographic opportunities. First we will stop at Ait-Benhaddou, a UNESCO world heritage site. This fortified mud-brick city on the edge of the Atlas Mountains displays striking examples of southern Moroccan architecture. We can then visit the Kasbah of el Glaoui in Telouet. The construction of this Kasbah was started in the late 1900’s by the Glaoui family, who had risen to power in Morocco south of the High Atlas Mountains. The Kasbah was never completed and its once luxurious ruins project an air of melancholic faded glory with the contrasting mountainous backdrop reminding us of the constant supremacy of nature. From here we will travel through the picturesque Ounila Valley to the Tizi-n-Tichka mountain pass that links Ouarzazate to the south-east of Marrakech through the High Atlas mountains. In the afternoon we will arrive in Marrakech where we can check into our luxury accommodation. The evening offers a great opportunity to experience Jamaa el Fnaa, a vibrant square and market place in Marrakech's medina quarter. At night this square holds a cultured mixture of storytellers, acrobats, musicians and entertainers. You can also sit atop the rooftop terraces, such as the Café du Grand Balcon, for an alternative view of the whole square.

Day Seven - Colour, Architecture, Chaos, and Calm


Get Submerged in the Marrakech Madness as you Lose Yourself in the Souks

Perfect your Practiced Photography across Colour, Architecture, Chaos, and Calm

Final Fine-Dining Dinner to Reflect on Your Week


Finally, the chance to explore Marrakech of your own accord. Here you can put the photographic skills you have learnt over the past week into practice. Marrakech offers a world of vivacious activity from the Souks (open-air marketplaces) to the distinctive architecture of historical buildings. El Badi Palace, which took 25 years to build, provides an insight into the past of Marrakech. After the fall of the Saadians and the rise of the Alaouite dynasty, the once luxurious palace entered a period of rapid decline and its ruins are now a popular tourist attraction. Visit the Saadian Tombs, dating back to the 1600’s, which were rediscovered and restored in the early 1900’s to exhibit its beautiful internal decorations. The gardens of Marrakech are a less notorious attraction of the city, but still a must see. The Agdal Gardens offer a combination of olive, lemon, orange and apricot trees surrounded by tranquil water features. Whereas the Majorelle Gardens, restored by Yves Saint Laurent, boasts a whole range of tropical colours. At the end of the day we have the option to re-group and celebrate our accomplishments in fine dining.

Day Eight - Departure


Download & Debrief of your Learned Skills

Final Breakfast in Morocco

Depart for Marrakech Airport for your British Airways Flight Home


Today we’ll depart Marrakech and make way for our flight home.


Rabat, Morocco

Rabat, Morocco

The capital of Morocco, Rabat is the country's seventh largest city, resting along the Wadi Bou Regreg River shores. Relatively ignored in comparison to its well known neighbours Marrakech and Fes, Rabat boasts culture and imperial history. Home to Islamic and French Colonial heritage, the fort upon which the city lies is not only beautiful, but also incredibly iconic. Located perfectly between Marrakech and Fes, Rabat acts as a gateway to the country's mystical monuments and rich landscapes.

The Sahara Desert, Morocco

The largest hot desert in the world, Morocco homes Africa's endless dunes that cover over 9.2 million km² of sand. From the crumbling Kasbahs to the oasis towns nestled within one of the harshest environments in the world, Morocco's Sahara Desert offers magnificence and drama that makes for a picture perfect canvas. Watch the curvature of the earth appear as the sun rises and sets over an endless sea of reds and yellows, without a person in sight, as you realise the significance and size of this ultimately magical region.

The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Extending over 2,500km over Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, the Atlas Mountains are the bridges between the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic sea. Soaring as high as 4,167m in Toubkal within Toubkal National Park, the Atlas Mountains are home to biodiversity and baron ranges that duck and dive around Berber villages, canyons and ravines. As if Morocco wasn't interesting enough, the formation of this convergent plate boundary was caused by the African and Iberian Peninsula continents colliding millions of years ago, it homes a unique ecosystem that ranges from inhospitable landscapes to bustling Berber settlements. This region is a marvel to explore with the camera, with every corner being a unique and varied canvas.

Marrakech, Morocco

With limitless access to untouched landscapes and ancient cities, Marrakech is the perfect gateway into Morocco's heart. As a former imperial city, Marrakech is a city of juxtaposition, with calm and chaos, old and new, open gardens and back to back riads, the free and the confined. It has been described as an attack on the senses, a suppressed world of hustle and bustle with ornate jewellery, delicious spices and traditional textiles for sale in the maze of souks. It is true that Marrakech is overpoweringly evocative on the surface, but when you look past the hammams, mint tea and market stalls, there is a royal eloquence; a humbled sense of honour and pride in its immaculate palace walls and artistic freedom... Marrakech truly is a destination to embrace, rather than challenge.
Morocco through the lens

Luxury Hotels, Morocco

Critically Acclaimed Luxury

Across 6 of your 7 night photographic expedition, you can expect award-winning hotel stays across a number of regions. From Fes to Marrakech, expect fine dining, silver service and spectacular views across this awe-inspiring country. The "other" night stay is a bespoke, experiential part of Morocco that we encourage our guests to embrace - a luxury tent for 1 evening, created in a high-end bespoke setting near the Sahara Desert. Expect clear skies away from the lights of the city, and a photographic canvas that really does place you at the heart of this remarkable destination.


Pete Webb

Founder and creator of Mission05 is awe-inspiring photographer, intrepid traveler and marketer of 30 years, PETE WEBB, Merci Visual. Named one of Europe’s leading lifestyle & adventure artists, Pete‘s style originally emerged from surf and mountain, and now boasts some of the most prestigious clients and brands in a multitude of sectors. Capturing the perfect shot in challenging environments, Pete holds an innate ability to tell a story through his images. Through Mission05, he now creates the opportunity to educate and explore the world through a lens, with the most discerning of clients.

Team – rebecca puttock

Rebecca Puttock

Head of our travel and VIP services, meet REBECCA PUTTOCK - with a world of experience in the travel and concierge sectors, Rebecca boasts 13 years as a luxury travel planner to the top 1% wealthiest in the world, celebrities and royalty, and has visited over 65 countries across 05 continents. Specialising in superyacht, private jet and bespoke tailor-made, she designs, curates and manages every bespoke itinerary from scratch to ensure Mission05's experiences are not only educational, but life-changing for our clients.

Team – steve watkins

Steve Watkins

The key-holder to the  unimaginable limits clients experience on their Mission05 adventures, Steve boasts over 20 years as an adventurer, professional photographer, editor and author, including three international bestsellers. Highly regarded in his field, Steve's industry knowledge is showcased across all media platforms, leading him to become one of the best spokespersons, educators and judges in the photographic field. Steve shall be leading our missions for the ultimate next generation photography experiences.

Team – dr raj joshi

Dr. Raj Joshi

Expedition leader Dr. Raj Joshi safely guides elite individuals in some of the most inhospitable destinations around the world, inspiring those under his charge to fulfil their dreams and ambitions. Being one of few that has climbed, unguided, the highest mountain in each continent, his expedition and military experiences provides him with the knowledge, access and expertise to lead you into unreachable realms across polar, desert, mountain & jungle. Famed for raising £3.3million in a Comic Relief celebrity hike up Mt Kilimanjaro, and broadcasting the BBC series that led David Beckham and 3 friends deep into the Amazonian jungle reaching  the secretive and forbidden Yanomami tribe. Trust in Raj to provide you with unique, unparalleled adventures.

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